Saturday, 24 March 2012


It is ironical that after every election, the B lobby propagates that the party has come to power from the B votes and this is happening all over again, with the B lobby calling the shots once again in the present regime of Samajwadi Party. One thing CM has to keep in mind is to not to repeat the mistake done by BSP regime of patronizing the B lobby at the expense of the other caste groups.

It is quite fashionable in the media to project that CASTE does not hold any factor in the elections which is far from truth. In fact one of the main reasons for defeat of the Congress in UP was the absence of caste factor in their campaigning and distribution of seats. 

The danger bells have started ringing for the CM as both the workers and the Bureaucracy have started getting disillusioned within days of the formation of the government.  The bureaucratic perception of the ‘Pancham Tal’ in this regime is that it is one of the worst  in the history of Uttar Pradesh in the recent past but to be fair to them it is too early to judge that and they deserve some time to set things straight. With no transfers in the districts the workers are getting jittery and the maneuvering of the old faces of the old BSP regime has started.  Insiders tell that the common perception that the lady in the Pancham Tal is calling the shots is flawed and the choice is made by the B lobby which is the same which was very active in the BSP regime. What the truth is hard to tell ………………………………. As these are the whispers in the corridors of power.

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