Friday, 23 March 2012

The Beyond Five Plan – Part 1

The number Five has a great significance in the polito administration in India with plans being made for the five years , the tenure of the government is five years and so on. This number has a greater significance in Uttar Pradesh because the location of the Chief Minister Office is in the 5th floor of the secretariat building which is called “Pancham Tal “ in Hindi.

If you analyze the tenure and working of the last 5 governments in Uttar Pradesh, no government was voted again for the second tenure by the government despite the fact that the so called Chief Ministers officers of each regime were vouching for absolute majority in the coming elections whether it was Rajnath Singh, Mayawati or Mulayam.

The real reason is that no government in the past had a plan which extended beyond five years so that they can be reelected and the main reason for this is the selfish interests of the All India officers like IAS,  IPS who just work for their interests rather than for the well-being of the state and the people. Governments after governments make the same mistake of relying on these all India bureaucrats who function is such a way that the ruling party is wiped out in the coming elections with these Bureaucrats packing their bags for a central government stint.

What is unfortunate is that these political parties don’t learn their lessons and after coming to power post the same bureaucrats that led to their downfall and the vicious circle starts all over again. The lesson that Akhilesh has to learn is that he first of all has to have a “Beyond Five Plan” i.e he has to govern and plan so that he again comes to power in next assembly elections in 2017.
The media loves to highlight the party goondas of Samajwadi Party but what about the IAS/ IPS goondas of the Uttar Pradesh who roam free in the holy land of the Uttar Pradesh. The irony is that only the names of these officers change, the attitude, the working remains the same whether it is Rajnath Singh, Mayawati or Mulayam regime. All journalists are the greatest recipients of the their benevolence so nothing comes in the media and many see these powerful bureaucrats as their ATM’s.

In my personal opinion the seat of power in UP is jinxed both from the attitude and Vastu point of view and any government that wants to return back to power has to make sweeping changes in both governance and vastu domains.
Part-2 will follow soon…………….

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